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SEMINARIOS ACADEMICO CEA- MIPP: «Schooling and Intergenerational Mobility: Consequences of Expanding Higher Education Institutions», Tatiana Rosá (PUC)


Los invitamos al ciclo de  SEMINARIOS ACADEMICO CEA- MIPP:

Cuándo:  08 de mayo de 2024 – 12:30 PM Santiago.

Dónde: Sala 316, Beauchef 851, piso 3 | Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial.

Tema: Schooling and Intergenerational Mobility: Consequences of Expanding Higher Education Institutions»

(trabajo conjunto con Noemí Katzkowixs, Víctor Lavy y Martina Querejera)

Speaker: Tatiana Rosá (PUC)


Poor post-secondary education infrastructure and opportunities partly explain the low higher education rates in developing countries. This paper estimates the effect of a program that improved post-secondary education infrastructure by building many university campuses across Uruguay. Leveraging temporal and geographic variation in program implementation, we use a two-way fixed effect design and comprehensive administrative records to assess the program’s causal impact. By lowering the distance to a university campus, the program successfully increased university enrollment, particularly of less privileged students who are the first in their families to attend a university. The program impacted students from localities up to 30 kilometers from the new campus, reducing spatial inequality. Importantly, this expansion did not lower university completion rates. Furthermore, the program increased high school attendance and completion rates and the proportion of educated workers in the affected localities.

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