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«Trends for logistics in natural resources» Mikael Rönnqvist Profesor – Département de Génie Mécanique Université Laval


Seminario ISCI Jueves 18 de octubre 2018
Desde las 13.30 a las 14.30 hrs
Sala de Asamblea, Piso 4 Beauchef 851
Almuerzos previa inscripción desde las 13:15 hrs
Consultas a seminarios@isci.cl


Natural resources such as forestry, mining, agriculture and energy are vital to provide innovative source of materials and energy to support a strong, sustainable, and responsible modern bio-social-economy. Key challenges are collaboration, multiple stakeholders with conflicting objectives, integrated value chains, and many diverse data sources. In the presentation, we provide examples of innovative solutions implemented at companies including collaboration through standardization for routing of trucks in forestry, swapping of farm lands in agriculture and integrated value chains in energy. We also discuss challenges for the future.